Rookie Parent FAQs

  • What are parents doing beyond the band room when I pick up my band student from practice?
    • They're watching the show! Come around to the practice field during the last 15 minutes of practice and enjoy the performance!
  • How can I keep up with all that's going on?
    • Like us on Facebook (Pickens Bands)
    • Visit our website (
    • Get text reminders via Remind:
      • Text @pickensmb to 81010 for Marching Band reminders
      • Text @pickensgrd to 81010 for Color Guard reminders
      • Text @pickensprc to 81010 for Percussion reminders
  • Does my band student really need to attend every practice?
    • As Mr. Paxton explains, participating in a marching band is like putting together a puzzle. It's challenging to put the picture together when pieces are missing, especially when different pieces are missing each day.
  • If I volunteer for things like funnel cakes or car washes, do I need to be there the entire time?
    • Not necessarily. Some activities require it (like chaperoning), but for many others we welcome your help for however long it works for you. If we have lots of people volunteering for something like funnel cakes, that means everyone can help for a quarter or two, or just for clean-up, etc. Many hands ...   :)

Learning the steps during Band Camp week

Color guard in action!

A successful show!

Fun with sprinklers after a hot Band Camp