We Need YOU!!

Let's help our Rock Stars be the best they can be!! See below for help still needed in the coming weeks. Thank you for all you do to support Pickens Bands!!

Immediate Needs


Saturday, October 1

Lunch for our band students this Saturday is a variety of sandwiches. We could use extra, both for lunch and in case students have a hard time getting through the concession lines for dinner. Sandwiches should be made at home, individually wrapped, and brought to school Saturday.

We'll gladly accept any sandwiches other than peanut butter (due to allergies). We could really use more of chicken salad, pimiento cheese, and deli meat flavors other than ham and turkey.

Many thanks for those who are able to help!!

Funnel Cakes, for Football Games


We're always in need of various food items for our funnel cake fundraisers. Oreo's, pancake mix, and even a large crock pot would be a huge help. All of the below items are available at Sam's Club If you can bring any of these items to the band room to be used at upcoming games, we would greatly appreciate it!!!

Nacho cheese sauce


Oh my goodness get extra jalapenos because I LUV them!!!




The Props Team (AKA The Pit Crew)

Right Now

When I said earlier we had an array of tasks, I meant it, so I’m going to list just a few:

  • Holding stuff while others build it (see what I mean, something for everyone?)  :)

  • Loading the props to transport them to events.

  • Unloading (yep, once loaded, they have to be unloaded and, you guessed it, loaded again)

  • We also need a team to help the “Rockstars” get the props to the field. The Band then takes them onto the field. Having a little help to move, oh I don’t know ... say ... a 10 X 17 Masque made of fiberglass ... is certainly appreciated.

I cannot stress enough that there really IS something for everyone. And anytime you can get together with a great group of friends to help support the Band, well ... don’t just take my word for it ... come check it out, we’d love to have you!


Please get in touch with any questions at all.  :)  

Amanda Singleton 864-414-1453 or Blugrrl92@Hotmail.com

Competition Day Needs


Competition Days

It is wonderful to have 5 or more helping.  There are waters to be iced and loaded for the day and glasses to be made for lunch.  Food to be picked up, prepared, served and cleaned up. 


We are always happy to have donations of chips, snack cakes, fruit, veggies, cheese sticks, etc., and this year our budget will be tight so we will be asking parents to agree to make sandwiches for at least a couple of the competitions.  Also, if anyone has connections with restaurants that would be willing to donate food or discount food it would be greatly appreciated.


If you need any more specific information, do not hesitate to let me know.  Thank you!  -Michelle Anderson

The Pit Crew

Competition Days

Props Wranglers needed!!

This is the best volunteer position EVER, because the requirements are simple. Do you plan on attending the competition? CHECK! Can you push things, or pull things? CHECK CHECK! Would you like to have fun with a great group of people, and watch the show from 10 yards away? CHECK CHECK CHECK!!

It takes a minimum of 18 people to move our equipment and props on Competition Day. The props are heavy, and the reward is great. Come be a part of this exciting team, but be warned - it's addictive being a part of the action. You may discover this is the best seat in the house!

Contact Amanda Singleton 864-414-1453 or Blugrrl92@Hotmail.com.

Long-Term Needs with Short-Term Deadlines


Now, for Next Year

If you're interested in getting certified for next year,  please let me know so we can discuss details. Thanks!  -Rebecca Brown

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Prepping before a competition

Snowcones to celebrate a successful Band Camp week

On the field during Band Camp week

Mr. Paxton is AWESOME, but he can't do it alone!


Feeding many hungry band students during the first week of Band Camp