What We Do


Regina Newton

This is a very rewarding "band parent duty." It's a great way to be involved in your child's life and get to know the 100 people they spend so much of their time with!

We accompany the band to football games and competitions as well as attending full-day band camp. As a chaperone, you will be a "stand-in parent" for band members. We must stay aware of where they are, accompanying them when they need to leave the group such as to the restroom or back to the bus, but otherwise staying with the band. We attend to minor medical needs, help serve meals, and provide water when needed.

A chaperone must be volunteer-trained annually and SLED-checked every three years through SDPC. This can be done at any SDPC school in the district.

Color Guard

Michelle Newell

This committee acts as a liason for the Colorguard students needs, such as equipment or costume needs, etc.

Sara Haubold

The Corporate Sponsorship Team Lead, along with all band students and parents, works to develop relationships with groups, companies, and individuals that may be interested in providing sponsorship funding to the Pickens Bands program.

We need all students and parents to continually identify and solicit corporate sponsorships. We also welcome suggestions from Sponsors on how we can help promote their business in ways that may not be identified in the Corporate Sponsorship Brochure, through our band organization. Click here for more details.




This committee is an essential part of the band experience because we provide the fuel that helps our students learn and perform at their best.  During marching band season our responsibilities include deciding menu’s and providing the food for Band Camp, Competitions and Competition Prep Days. 


We ask for donations from individuals, restaurants and vendors to be able to make this an affordable experience for every student and we roll up our sleeves and serve our students the best food choices possible.   Our part of the band program is a fun and rewarding part because our students are always so appreciative of the food that we provide.   One of my favorite quotes… “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

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Funnel Cakes

Ashley McCoy-Bruce, Jennifer Hickey

Funnel cakes are a huge fundraiser for the PIckens marching band. We sell them at every Home football game (5 total), and at special events like the Pickens Azalea Festival. There are a number of volunteer opportunities - people to fry the funnel cakes and Oreos, people to sell them, setup, take down, and clean up on Saturday morning. Come join us and see what the excitement is all about!

The Props Team (AKA The Pit Crew)

Amanda Singleton

The Props Team is a really fun group to volunteer with! There are so many aspects to the props, which means there is something for everyone. Every year it’s something new and creative, offering just the right artistic elements to enhance the story behind the marching band performance. To make sure you really get the full grasp of what we do, I’ll have to break it down for you…. So here we go….

We have a Props chairperson, and this year it’s Amanda Singleton - that’s me! And under the direction of the Band Director, we put together a plan to design and build the props. I have seen 16-foot-tall trees, 40 shuttered windows (complete with drapery), and even a 10 foot by 17 foot Mardi Gras masque. You’ll have to come to the show this year to see what we are doing, or better yet, come join us at the field house Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 pm to get creative!

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Debbie Clark

Finding creative ways to connect people and needs! Let me know how we can spread the word about our Rock Stars!


Rebecca Brown


Jeannie Bramel

Our committee works its magic so our students look their very best all during marching season. The students are brought in and measured during band camp so alterations can be made. All students grow one way or the other whether they like it or not! :)


After I have measured all students, uniforms that need any alterations are distributed to any volunteer that has graciously agreed to help out. Once the uniforms are returned they are sent to the drycleaners. Again, once they are returned from cleaners all students are called back in for a final fitting. Click here to see how you can help!

Ways and Means

Theresa Durham

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